Welcome to AtlanticESL, where we are partnering in professional development to strengthen sheltered English instruction in our schools.

Providing continued and effective professional development for sheltered English instructors is a challenge. With all the general professional development requirements throughout the year, finding additional time to do ESL-specific training can be difficult. Add to this the ineffectiveness of one-size-fits-all ESL training, and suddenly encouraging your sheltered English instructors in their development and use of ESL and English language development strategies in their specific content areas and developmental ages becomes even harder. Atlantic Community School is attempting to meet this challenge with an online and statewide collaborative approach that partners with the best of our state’s sheltered English instructors in a way that will facilitate easier, more effective, and more inspiring continued training. Our aim is to strengthen sheltered English instruction in all classrooms by providing a non-threatening, user-friendly, and time-efficient professional development model that targets the specific content and developmental age of each sheltered English instructor.

Atlantic Community School District is a Class 3A school in southwest Iowa serving a student population of approximately 1,500 K-12 students. Our ELL program officially started in 2005, when we were blessed with students who allowed us the opportunity to experience, teach, learn from, and become friends with students and families from Vietnam, China, Romania, Federated States of Micronesia, and Mexico. Our current ESL population originates mostly from the Federated States of Micronesia and Mexico, with the majority of our students learning in our Washington Elementary community of students who are pre-K to 3rd grade.


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