Additional Funding Opportunities

ELL Additional Weighting
All students with a language other than English spoken as the first or other language in the home qualify for an additional weighting of .22, which is multiplied by the number of students in the district who fit into this category. These students can be counted for four consecutive years. This additional weighting is then multiplied by the cost per pupil of $5,883 (11-12 school year) on the Certified Enrollment form. This calculates to approximately $1,294 per student.
Example: If a district has 5 first-year students, 3 second-year students, 4 third-year students, and 3 fourth-year students, ELL weighted funding (in addition to regular per pupil cost) for the next year will be 15 x 0.22 x $5,883 = $19,413.90

If any students fit the definition of “migrant,” they may be entitled to additional funding under Title I. The loose definition for a migrant student is one whose parents came to the district in search of an occupation related to agriculture. The Title I contact is at the Department of Education.

If the school district chooses, an “At Risk” application can be made to the Department of Education for funds that equal 5% of the certified enrollment multiplied by the cost per pupil. The district must contribute 25% of the total amount requested and the remainder will be generated through additional allowable growth. These dollars can be used for teachers, instructional assistants, and additional programming for any students who may be deemed “at risk” of dropping out of school or failing.
Example: A district with a total population of 1,500 students x 5% x $5,883 = $441,225 - 25% contribution from the district ($110,306) = $330,919. This would be the maximum amount possible for at-risk funds, with the district being able to reduce the asking to any amount to fit the designed program.

(Adapted from information provided by Storm Lake Community School District)