April ESL PD

Comprehensible Input - A Review

Content Objectives:
>SWBAT analyze research-based
information, both by video and through
text, regarding a list of user-friendly suggestions
to increase comprehensible input in
the content-area classroom.

>SWBAT evaluate the elements
of comprehensible input hardest to
achieve in their daily instruction.

Language Objective:
>Through writing/typing, SWBAT
evaluate their personal use of the
suggestions on how to increase
comprehensible input by way of
composing and posting a discussion
post at April’s ESL PD discussion tab.

1. View the short video of Stephen Krashen explaining and demonstrating comprehensible input. (Yes, it's circa 1980 :) but does a fantastic job of demonstrating the importance of comprehensible input.)

2. As you view the video, begin thinking about ways you consciously increase the comprehensible input in your daily instruction.

3. Then read and analyze the research-based list of user-friendly suggestions on how to increase comprehensible input entitled, “Suggestions for Comprehensible Input for Limited English Proficient Students in the Content Area Classroom,” by Katherine P. McFarland.

4. Visit our AtlanticESL wiki Sheltered English Instruction page for further information.

5. For this month's discussion, share with your colleagues 1) the biggest obstacles you feel you face in making your content comprehensible for not only your ELLs but all your students and 2) ways you consciously plan so that you increase the comprehensible input of your daily instruction.