Assessment/Program Entrance Procedures

◊ Those students identified above who have influence of a non-English language background will, within two weeks of registration, be administered the IDEA Proficiency Test (IPT), according to IPT administration guidelines, to determine their English language skills. Students who score less than proficient on any subtest of the IPT are classified as ELL and provided services in the ELL program after written consent is obtained from parents/guardians. Students who score as proficient in all subtests (oral, reading, and writing) are not entered into the program.

◊ All students identified as ELL will be administered the I-ELDA once each spring (until exited), according to I-ELDA administration guidelines. I-ELDA is Iowa’s official English language proficiency progress assessment and all scores are reported to the state through the Area Education Agency. This serves to re-establish eligibility or to determine readiness to transition or exit, as well as to evidence measurable growth in their English language skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These scores will be kept on file to document eligibility and provide data for submission to the State Department of Education regarding program accountability and adequate yearly progress. This data is also used by the ELL team and individual teachers to better guide their ELL strategies and methods.

◊ Administration of all ELL-based assessments will be performed by trained ELL staff, with all data related to student eligibility being maintained in the student’s permanent record and the official ELL file located in the office of the ELL specialist. If the student transfers to another school district, the building secretary is to copy only the outside of the ELL file to forward to the new school, as all original ELL file contents remain at Atlantic Community School District.

◊ All students will be given the Iowa Test of Basic Skills each fall, according to the ITBS administration guidelines. A score of 40% or above on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills reading section serves as documentation that the student is proficient in English and that the student be considered for exit from the ELL program.