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kagan.jpgDr. Spencer Kagan is an internationally acclaimed researcher, presenter

and author of over 100 books, chapters, and scientific journal articles.

He is a former clinical psychologist and full professor of psychology and

education at the University of California. He is the principal author of

the single most comprehensive book for educators in each of four fields:

cooperative learning, multiple intelligences, classroom discipline, and

classroom energizers. Dr. Kagan provides workshops and keynotes in

over thirty countries and his books are translated into many languages.

His instructional strategies are used in teacher training institutes in

many countries. Dr. Kagan developed the concept of structures; his

popular brain-based, cooperative learning and multiple intelligences

structures like Numbered Heads Together and Timed Pair Share are

used in classrooms world-wide. Dr. Kagan has been featured in the

leading educational magazines including Educational Leadership,

Instructor, Learning Magazine, and Video Journal. He is in high demand

as a keynote speaker at national and international conferences.

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