ELL Family Communication Protocol

The following is the protocol to be followed when communication is hindered between school staff and ELL families due to language differences and a lack of English proficiency on the part of the ELL family:

  1. Determine what the family’s first language is through either conversation, referring to the Home Language Survey, or by utilizing the Language Chart on the following page (also found on TransACT.com, directions for which are located below).

  1. Once first language is established, contact either one of the translators/interpreters identified on our school list below as appropriate or Tele-Interpreters, the over-the-phone translation service we have available to our district, directions for which are located below.

**www.TransACT.com**: This is a compliance and communication center provided to us free of charge by the state of Iowa. Everyone employed by our district can have access to this service by logging on to http://www.transact.com/public/register.cfm?id=233025&aid=A6UJ9A000KE7 and enrolling by setting up your own password. Once you have enrolled, you will have access to all documents, notifications, and school/parent communications included on the site, with the option of choosing the language you need from 22 different languages.

Tele-Interpreters is an over-the-phone translation service provided to us in cooperation with Cass County Memorial Hospital. To access this service, simply:
1 - Dial 1-800-822-5552
2 - Provide the agent with the language request and any outbound 3rd party call requirements
3 - State your access code (52090) and your name
4 - The agent will connect you with an interpreter.

Helpful Hints When Working With An Interpreter:
◊ Briefly inform the interpreter regarding the nature of the call.
◊ Remember you are in control of the call and the line of questioning. The interpreter’s responsibility is to facilitate communications.
◊ Use short sentences where possible. Pause at the end of a complete thought to allow for interpretation.
◊ Speak distinctly, especially if using a speakerphone.
◊ Do not expect “word-for-word” interpretation, as languages differ in grammatical structures and ways of expressing ideas.

Translators/Interpreters: The following people have agreed to serve as a translator/interpreter for Atlantic Community School District:

Spanish: Minerva Seehusen
Chuukese: Ancherson William
AEA 13: 1-800-645-4574