Executive Summary

The purpose of this ELL Plan & Program Guide is threefold:
First, it is meant to give all teachers, staff, ESL students and parents, other districts, or other interested parties a complete summary of the Atlantic Community School District’s ELL Plan mandated by federal and state laws.

Secondly, this ELL Plan & Program Guide is meant to foster communication between all staff, faculty, administration, and ELL parents/families by increasing the working knowledge of our district’s ELL Plan and assuring that all interested parties within the district possess the same information regarding the functioning and organization of our ELL Plan.

Lastly, this ELL Plan & Program Guide is meant to provide all staff and faculty, specifically those personally responsible for an ESL student, with a base reference source on the general needs of ESL students. It is by no means comprehensive staff development, but it is intended to provide a jump start for district staff development, as well as a quick and handy reference guide to which staff can easily refer.