Instructional planning for an ELL begins first with understanding the student's language proficiency. In our standardized K-12 world, this begins with either the initial placement tool or the annual ELDA (English Language Development Assessment) results. Though we are beginning to utilize the TELPA (Tennessee English Language Proficiency Assessment) as a part of the State of Iowa's study on its zero-growth point for Title I reporting, we are still utilizing the IPT (IDEA Proficiency Tests) because of its beneficial diagnostic nature that allows us to understand more thoroughly the student's strengths and weaknesses with language and academic concepts. Analyzing the language proficiency of each student allows for more effective instructional planning, and Mary Smith, Green Hills AEA Consultant for ELLs, has created concept-specific analysis sheets that incorporate instructional planning for better collaboration between ESL teachers and sheltered English instructors.

I-ELDA Analyses for Instructional Planning:

IPT Analyses for Instructional Planning:

Success Plans for General Instructional Planning: