If a picture is worth a thousand words, educators need to be using a lot of pictures!smiley_star.jpg

It's important to understand that "visuals" doesn't just mean pictures, as even the smiley face star after the above statement gives you at least a bit of extra information about the ideas and attitude behind the words. Visuals include anything the students can see, such as photos, drawings, graphic organizers, charts, posters, manipulatives, realia (real objects), gestures, facial expressions, models, demonstrations, charades (acting out the word or concept), highlighting texts, and anything else beyond the simple auditory or written words of instruction, even writing the word(s) clearly on the board if you are strictly lecturing. In addition, it is also important to remember that visuals should be used before, during, and after instruction and reading, as the extra visual support helps make all input more comprehensible. And comprehensible input is one of the main goals of strong instruction.

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